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About Glowish Impex

Everybody desire to be at their best when going out, whether to hang with friends, play their sports or even for a workout. Clothing is considered among the most important factors in all such scenarios. You have to wear the right clothing in order to look strikingly marvelous and graceful. Glowish Impex understands the fact very well. To offer the finest quality products, we have to ensure the selection of best fabric and raw material. In all the processes skilled workmanship holds a crucial place. Creating a remarkable piece of garment is not an easy task. It requires proper understanding, expertise and passion.

Product Range of Glowish Impex :

We are not only dealing in sportswear but also in casual wear. We are offering first-grade products at competitive rates to entertain our customers in the best possible way. In the sportswear category, our product range includes:

Martial Arts , MMA Gear, Teamwear, Powerlifting Gear, Fitness & Crossfit

Our casual wear category consists of articles for men, women and kids. It includes a variety of:

Tops, Bottoms, Accessories

In addition, we are also providing various high quality sports gear, which includes:

Boxing Gloves, Weightlifting Gloves, MMA Gloves, Cycling GlovesElasticated Gear and Protective Gear.

Fully Customized Products:

In order to facilitate our customers at a higher level, we are offering customization option to all our customers. Whether you want to change just the player number or need to change the complete design, we can do it for you. You can either provide us your own design or we can create one, following your requirements and guidelines.

Glowish Impex Team:

We have highly qualified and skilled team members who are offering their best in their respective departments. Our dedicated customer care can respond to your queries instantly so that you do not have to wait. Moreover, our in-house experienced and skillful designers can quickly turn your idea into a fine design.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the finest quality products that are more sustainable, more comfortable, future-oriented and stylish. We are determined to adopt the most innovative and most modern techniques and technologies to offer high-grade products without causing any harm to the environment

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an inspiration of every fashion lover across the globe, through providing innovative and iconic products.


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