Knee Wraps (8)

Proper protection is crucial for weightlifters in powerlifting. Powerlifting Knee wraps are important part of the protective measures for the lifters. We are offering various wraps in different styles. All of our wraps consist of the finest quality. We are making the wraps with the best grade cotton and rubber. Compression is an extremely important quality of the wraps. If the compression is less than or higher than the required, the lifter will have to face difficulty in lifting the weight. Our products ensure the right amount of compression so that the lifter should deliver his best.

Our knee wraps are available in different styles and colors. You can select your preferred design from our collection of wraps. It comes in two length sizes that are 74 and 78 inches with a width of 3 inches. We are also offering custom wraps. So, whatever you have in mind, we can make it for you.